State Requirements for Pharmacy Technicians

State Requirements for Pharmacy Technicians

The practice of pharmacy is regulated at the state level, and this usually includes rules on who may practice as a pharmacy technician and what that scope of practice entails. Please read below for a high level overview and to view a color coded map indicating whether or not earning your PTCB certification after completion of our course is sufficient to satisfy the training and credentialing requirements to apply for licensure or registration in your state.

Requirements for Registration or Licensure

While a handful of states do not regulate pharmacy technicians, most require registration or licensure with the state board of pharmacy. Requirements to be eligible for registration or licensure are different in each state, so please familiarize yourself with the requirements in your state prior to enrolling in our online course.

Basic Education and Background Requirements

Most states will require a high school diploma or a completion of an equivalent certificate program. Additionally, many states require an attestation that the applicant is of good moral character and standing. This may include consenting to a background check and disclosing any criminal offenses.

Application Fee

A licensure or registration fee is usually required as part of the application process. This fee varies by state, and ranges from $25 to $150 or more. 

National Certification

Many states now require applicants to become certified by a nationally recognized pharmacy technician credentialing organization. The most commonly accepted are the certifications offered by the PTCB or the NHA. Certification may be required at the time of application, or may be required to be obtained within a given timeframe or prior to the first renewal of the license/registration. 

Some states offer different tiers of pharmacy technician registration or licensure, with the higher tiers requiring certification.

In states where certification is not required, it can still be beneficial as many employers require certification for employment eligibility or for specific roles within the organization. 

Post High School Education or Technician Specific Training

Some states have specific training requirements in addition to or in lieu of certification. This training may be loosely defined as “on-the-job” training that can be satisfied by the attestation of a pharmacist-in-charge that you have completed general training. More commonly, the state may require you to complete a training program that is approved by the state board of pharmacy or accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) or some other specified educational institution accrediting body. These programs have stringent requirements that include hundreds of hours of live training. This training is beyond the scope of what Pharmacy Tech Scholar currently provides: if your state requires this training regardless of certification status, please seek one of the state approved training programs instead of our course if you are applying for initial licensure or registration. 

Is a PTCB-recognized Online PTCE Prep Course Right for me?

We are currently compiling a list of articles describing specifc requirements for each state, and whether or not our course will help you meet those requirements. If you do not see your state listed here, please contact us and we will provide you with more information. You can refer to the color coded map below for a high level summary of the type of training/credentialing required by each state. 


New York


The color coded map below indicates whether passing the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam through the PTCB, after completing our online prep course, would satisfy pharmacy specific credentialing or training requirements for your state. DISCLAIMER: Please verify this information with the State Board of Pharmacy in Your State, as this map is not intended to be legal advice. Data used to create this map was obtained in June 2020, and may have changed since this date.

Green states: Are either not regulated, or do not require pharmacy specific training or national certification. Our course may still be beneficial, as many employers require national certification.

Purple states: These states require national certification as a standalone requirement or an alternative to board approved training program completion for licensure or registration or to achieve top tiering as a pharmacy technician. Our course may be ideal in this scenario as it offers an affordable and high quality path to qualify for and pass the PTCB exam.

Red states: These states may or may not require national certification, but they do require all applicants to complete a state board of pharmacy approved training program. Our course will not be sufficient to help you satisfy these requirements. However, if you are already licensed and registered in one of these states and are now seeking PTCB certification, our course may be helpful for you to prepare for the exam.

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  1. Where is your business located? Where is your contact number and contact information? Can we speak over the phone? I am interested in purchasing the program and want more info. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

    1. Hi Ger,

      We are located in Florida but we operate as a remote/distance learning business. You can view our contact info under the About tab on the website header (Contact). Feel free to email us any time at We can also set up a phone call or zoom meeting as well!

  2. Can I study the online class on iphone or ipad? My daughter has been using mu laptop. I live in Texas and has no experience in Phar Tech field. After I finish your course, I’ll eligible to take a PTCE exam , correct?

    1. Our course can be accessed using the web browser on your tablet or iphone. Admittedly, it works much better on the tablet but you can still view the videos, slides, and flash cards on your phone.

      Our course is PTCB-recognized, so you are eligible to take the PTCB certification exam once you complete our course. In Texas, completing our course and passing the PTCE will satisfy the training/credentialing requirement for pharmacy technician registration.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!



  3. I’m very interested in purchasing this class. I currently live in Mississippi but will be moving back to Arkansas next year. Arkansas is a green state on the charts but I want to know if I take the course while I’m living in Mississippi can I use the license in Arkansas?

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Our course is a PTCB-recognized program that will qualify and prepare you to take the national certification exam through the PTCB. Since this is a national exam, and our course is listed as a distance/remote learning program, you can take it from anywhere and meet the PTCE exam eligibility. This is separate from state registration/licensure.

      You can initially register in Mississippi before getting your national certification, but they require it upon renewal:

      Once you move to Arkansas, you’ll be able to apply for their registration regardless of your certification status. You can see their application requirements here:

    1. Hi Luis,

      Oregon has two tiers of pharmacy techcnician licensure: Pharmacy Technician and Certified Oregon Pharmacy Technician. Current board rules in Oregon only allow the plain Pharmacy Technician registration for a total of two years, so you must become a Certified Oregon Pharmacy Technician within that time frame. Passing our course and passing the PTCE meets the training/credentialing requirements to become a Certified Oregon Pharmacy Technician. 

  4. Hi, I currently reside in WA state and was wondering if your program will meet the requirements needed in order to take the PTCB exam? I already work in a pharmacy as a B Tech, and just need to find the best program to help me study for the exam. Thanks!

    1. Hi Diana,

      Our course will meet the requirements needed in order to take the PTCB exam. However, our program will not meet Washington’s approved training program requirement for licensure. Washington requires completion of either a state approved training program, or an application for approval of training that you completed out of state. Since our program does not include experiential training, it will not be approvable by the state.

      If you are already licensed in Washington, or completed other state-approved training, our program could be used to help you prepare for the exam. However, if you already have 500 hours of working experience as a pharmacy technician, or if you completed state-approved training, it is likely you are already eligible for the exam. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

    1. New Jersey does not have any advanced certification or training requirements for pharmacy technician registration. However, they do require national certification for pharmacy technicians working in a ratio of more than 2 technicians per pharmacist, so many employers will require national certification. Taking our course and passing the PTCE will meet this requirement.

    1. Mississippi does not have a requirement for training or advanced education for initial registration as a pharmacy technician. However, they do require that you become nationally certified before it is time for the first license renewal. Taking our course and passing the PTCE would meet this requirement.

      Our number is 904-580-6030

  5. Iowa has new rules as of July. I am a RN and I want to take the National exam. Would your course satisfy the training program for Iowa, so I could take the exam without work experience in a pharmacy?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Theresa, yes! The new requirements in Iowa are that to register as a certified pharmacy technician, you must have your PTCB or NHA CPhT credential. You can take our course to qualify for the PTCE through the PTCB. Passing that exam will then meet the Iowa requirement.

  6. I live in Colorado but plan to move to Tennessee in 2 years. I do not have pharmacy experience but would like to become a certified pharmacy tech. Will your course satisfy both states? I should have experience by the time I move to TN.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Colorado requires national certification in order to apply for registration as a Pharmacy Technician. Taking our course and passing the PTCE will meet this requirement.

      Here is more information from the Colorado Board of Pharmacy on licensing requirements: Colorado Pharmacy Technician Requirements.

      Tennessee has similar requirements, so you would be good to go whenever you move.

  7. Hello, I’m from California, is this program accredited by the PTCB? Also is it accredited by the ASHP? Because on the PTCB I read that persons cannot take the PTCE if the organization is not ASHP or ABHES accredited…? Thank you

    1. Hi Carolina,
      Our program is recognized by the PTCB: completion of our course will qualify you to take the PTCE. All ASHP and ABHES accredited programs are automatically recognized by the PTCB. Programs that aren’t ASHP or ABHES accredited must go through an attestation process and be subject to audit in order to become PTCB-recognized. Our program is not ASHP accredited at this time, primarily because of the requirement for live learning hours (our course is online only). However, we are PTCB-recognized and you can find us in their program directory!

  8. I need more information for Nebraska. What is the difference between registered and certified. Do you register with the department of health and human services before or after certification completion

    1. Nebraska does not have any advanced certification or training requirements for initial pharmacy technician registration. You must become certified within one year however. Also, to work in a hospital or other health system environment you will need to be state or nationally certified. Also, state regulations only allow certain tasks to be performed by certified technicians. Taking our course and passing the PTCE will meet this requirement. You can read more about the certification process for Nebraska here:

  9. Hi, can you give me more information on becoming certified in Ohio? Completing this course and passing my PTCE would allow me to become certified and work as a technician right?

    1. Ohio requires all pharmacy technicians to complete an ACPE/ASHP accredited or state approved training program. To be approved, a training program must include experiential (on-the-job) training. As an online-only education program, our course does not meet this requirement. Based on this requirement, we advise that you seek out a program that is ACPE/ASHP accredited or state approved.

    1. Colorado requires national certification in order to apply for registration as a pharmacy technician. Taking our course and passing the PTCE would meet this requirement.

  10. I am very interested in purchasing this course. However, I was wondering if you could give me a little more information about what all is required in the state of Tennessee. Thanks so much!

    1. In Tennessee, you can apply for initial registration as a pharmacy technician without training or certification. However, board of pharmacy regulations restrict the activities of pharmacy technicians who are not certified, and only allow 2 non-certified pharmacy technicians to work at any given time per pharmacist. For this reason, many employers require national certification. Completing our course and passing the PTCE will meet this requirement.

  11. I am currently located in Arizona, I was wondering if this course and passing the PTCB exam will make me eligible to become a certified technician ?

    1. Arizona requires national certification in order to apply for registration as a Pharmacy Technician. Taking our course and passing the PTCE will meet this requirement.

    1. Hi Abigail,

      You have two options to get started as a pharmacy technician in Louisiana. You can get enrolled in a nationally accredited pharmacy technician training program, or you can take and pass one of the national certification exams. Either of those options will allow you to apply for a training registration. You will then have to complete the accredited training program that you signed up for or obtain 600 hours of on the job training within 2 years. Once you have done that you can apply for a full license.

      Our program does not meet the criteria for their nationally accredited training program option, but it would allow you to become eligible to take one of the certification exams which could help you eat the requirements to get started. You should to take some time to read about this and decide which option is best for you but we’re happy to help you if you decide to choose our program.

      You can read more at the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy website:

  12. Hi, I currently live in Virginia and I’m interested in taking your online class. Will I be able to take the PTCB exam after completing this program? Thank you.

    1. Hi James, thanks for your comment! Virginia requires either completion of a state approved training program and a state board examination, or national certification in order to apply for registration as a Pharmacy Technician. Taking our course and passing the PTCE will meet this requirement.

  13. […] There are multiple paths that you can take to start your career as a pharmacy technician.  Most states require you to apply for registration or licensure to work as a pharmacy technician. Your options on how to become a pharmacy technician will depend on the Board of Pharmacy regulations in your state. You can find your state’s requirements by searching for “(your state) board of pharmacy technician requirements,” and clicking on the official board of pharmacy site link that shows up in the search results. For quick reference, view our post on state requirements for pharmacy technicians.  […]

    1. Hi Heather,

      Virginia requires either completion of a state approved training program and a state board examination, or national certification in order to apply for registration as a Pharmacy Technician. Taking our course and passing the PTCE will meet this requirement through the national certification pathway.

    1. Hi Shannon,
      Pennsylvania does not currently require registration for pharmacy technicians. However, some employers may require national certification. Completing our course and passing the PTCE would satisfy this requirement. 
      There is a new law on the books that will require pharmacy technicians to complete a state-approved training program and register with the state. The State Board of Pharmacy has not finalized regulations on what type of training will be required, and they will be exempting pharmacy technicians who are already working for a year prior to the law actually going into effect. 
      Here is a link to the Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy if you want to read more:

    1. Florida requires completion of a state recognized training program to be eligible for licensure as a Registered Pharmacy Technician. To meet Florida’s requirement, a training program must include experiential (live on-the-job) training. Our course does not meet Florida’s requirement at this time as it is online learning only. If you are not already registered as a technician in the state, we advise that you seek out a training program that will meet Florida’s requirement.

  14. good evening I am living in chicago il
    did your course meet the requirements pathway of become Pharmacy Technician?

    1. Hi Mohammad,

      Currently, you can register as a pharmacy technician in Illinois if you are at least 16 years of age and have or are working towards a high school diploma or equivalent. Many employers will desire those registered as certified pharmacy technicians, which requires that you both pass a national certification exam and complete an accredited training program or employer based training. Completing our course, passing the PTCE, then completing on-the-job training can help you attain this registration status.

      You can read more at the Illinois Board of Pharmacy website: