Wyoming Pharmacy Technician License: Your Ultimate Guide

Wyoming pharmacy technician license

Wyoming Pharmacy Technician License Requirements

Are you detail-oriented, passionate about healthcare, and seeking a career with a direct impact on patient well-being? Becoming a pharmacy technician in Wyoming might be the ideal path for you. Pharmacy technicians are essential members of the healthcare team, collaborating closely with pharmacists to prepare and dispense medications, manage inventory, and provide exceptional customer service.

In Wyoming, the demand for skilled pharmacy technicians continues to grow, providing ample opportunities for career advancement and personal fulfillment. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of obtaining your pharmacy technician license in the Cowboy State. We’ll delve into the education, training, and application requirements necessary to launch your rewarding career in this dynamic field.

Disclaimer: This post is informational, as Board rules are complex and change over time. Make sure to refer to the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy website (https://pharmacyboard.wyo.gov/) to verify requirements and stay up to date on official regulations for pharmacy technicians in the state.

Work Environments for Pharmacy Technicians in Wyoming

As a pharmacy technician in Wyoming, you’ll discover diverse work environments catering to your specific interests and career goals. The Cowboy State offers unique opportunities across different pharmacy settings, allowing you to utilize your skills and expertise in a way that aligns with your passions. Here’s a glimpse into some common work environments where you can build a rewarding career:

Retail Pharmacies

  • Major Chains: Walgreens and Ridley’s Family Markets provide numerous positions for pharmacy technicians throughout Wyoming. In this fast-paced setting, you’ll interact with customers, dispense medications, handle insurance claims, and manage inventory.
  • Independent Pharmacies: Local pharmacies like Pole Creek Pharmacy, Wind River Pharmacy, and others across the state also provide fulfilling careers for pharmacy technicians. These settings often foster close-knit teams and personalized patient care.

Hospital Systems

  • Major Medical Centers: Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, Casper Medical Center, and Campbell County Memorial Hospital are just a few examples of large hospital systems where pharmacy technicians play a crucial role in medication preparation, dispensing, and inventory management for inpatient and outpatient care.
  • Critical Access Hospitals: Smaller hospitals like Ivinson Memorial Hospital and South Big Horn County Hospital also rely on pharmacy technicians to ensure the smooth operation of their pharmacy services and provide essential medications to their patients.

Other Settings

  • Long-Term Care Facilities: Skilled nursing facilities and assisted living centers across Wyoming employ pharmacy technicians to manage medication orders, prepare medications, and collaborate with healthcare teams to ensure resident well-being.
  • Mail-Order Pharmacies: While not as prevalent in Wyoming as in other states, some mail-order pharmacy companies, like Express Scripts and CVS Caremark, may have satellite locations or serve Wyoming residents from neighboring states.
  • Indian Health Service (IHS): The IHS provides comprehensive healthcare services to American Indians and Alaska Natives. Pharmacy technicians working for the IHS in Wyoming play a vital role in ensuring that these populations have access to essential medications.
  • Specialty Pharmacies: These pharmacies specialize in specific disease states or medication types, and offer pharmacy technician job opportunities in Wyoming.

With this variety of work environments, you’re sure to find a setting that matches your interests and career goals as a pharmacy technician in Wyoming.

Step 1: Understand the Wyoming Pharmacy Technician License Requirements

To embark on your career as a pharmacy technician in Wyoming, you must first register with the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy. The state offers two types of registrations for pharmacy technicians:

  1. Pharmacy Technician-in-Training (PIT): This registration is designed for individuals new to the field who are seeking on-the-job training in preparation for becoming a fully licensed pharmacy technician.
  2. Pharmacy Technician: This is the full license for pharmacy technicians who have completed their training and obtained national certification.

Eligibility Requirements

Regardless of the registration type, all applicants must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Age: Be at least 18 years old.
  • Background Check: Complete a background check through the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI).
  • Drug History: Have no history of drug abuse or provide satisfactory evidence of rehabilitation.
  • Education: Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Additional Requirement for Pharmacy Technicians

  • National Certification: Obtain and maintain a current certification from either the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) or the National Healthcareer Association (ExCPT).

Key Differences Between Pharmacy Technician-in-Training and Pharmacy Technician

The primary difference between the two registrations is the requirement for national certification. Pharmacy technicians-in-training are not required to be certified, but they must obtain certification within two years of their initial registration. Pharmacy technicians, on the other hand, must already be certified to apply for the full license. Additionally, pharmacy technicians can perform many advanced functions that are not allowed for those in training.

By understanding these requirements and choosing the appropriate registration type based on your current certification status, you’ll be well-prepared to start the application process and begin your career as a pharmacy technician in Wyoming

Step 2: Obtain National Certification

While a Pharmacy Technician-in-Training (PIT) registration in Wyoming doesn’t require national certification, obtaining certification is a mandatory step for those seeking the full Pharmacy Technician license. Achieving certification not only fulfills a legal requirement but also demonstrates your competence and commitment to the profession, opening doors to broader career opportunities and higher earning potential.

Here are your options to attain national certification:

Option 1: Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Exam

This exam is widely accepted across the United States and is considered the gold standard in pharmacy technician certification. The PTCB exam covers a comprehensive range of pharmacy technician knowledge and skills, including medications, law, patient safety and quality assurance, and more. Here are the steps to get PTCB certified:

  • Complete a PTCB-recognized training program
  • OR gain 500 hours of practical experience as a pharmacy technician
  • Pass the PTCB exam: Once you’ve completed the training or gained the experience, you’ll need to register for and pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE).

Option 2: National HealthCareer Association (NHA) ExCPT Exam

This exam is another nationally recognized option for pharmacy technician certification. The NHA ExCPT exam covers similar topics as the PTCB exam but with a slightly different emphasis. Here are the steps to get NHA certified:

  • Complete an NHA-recognized training program: Similar to PTCB, search for programs on the NHA website.
  • OR gain practical experience as a pharmacy technician
  • Pass the ExCPT exam: After completing the program or gaining experience, you’ll need to pass the Exam for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians.

Step 3: Apply for Your Wyoming Pharmacy Technician License

Once you’ve met the eligibility requirements and obtained national certification (if applying for the Pharmacy Technician license), it’s time to apply for your Wyoming pharmacy technician registration with the Board of Pharmacy.

Choose Your Application

  • Pharmacy Technician-in-Training: If you are not yet certified, you’ll need to apply for a Pharmacy Technician-in-Training registration. This allows you to work while completing the certification process within the two-year timeframe.
  • Pharmacy Technician: If you are already certified by PTCB or NHA, you can apply directly for the full Pharmacy Technician registration.

Complete the Application Form

  • Obtain the appropriate application form from the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy website.
  • Fill out the application accurately and completely, providing all requested information, including your personal details, employment information (if applicable), and certification details (if applicable).

Submit Required Documentation

  • If you are applying for the Pharmacy Technician license, submit a copy of your current PTCB or NHA certification.
  • All applicants must include the following:
    • A copy of your high school diploma, GED, or college transcript.
    • A passport-style photograph with your signature on the back (Pharmacy Technician applicants only).
    • A copy of your birth certificate (Pharmacy Technician applicants only).
    • Two completed fingerprint cards (instructions included in the application packet).

Pay the Application Fee

  • Pharmacy Technician: The application fee, including the background check fee, is $100.
  • Pharmacy Technician-in-Training: The application fee, including the background check fee, is $65.
  • Make your payment by check or money order made payable to the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy. Note: The Board does not accept cash payments.

Mail Your Application

  • Mail the completed application form, along with the fee, supporting documents, and fingerprint cards, to the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy. The mailing address can be found on their website.

Review and Processing

  • The Board of Pharmacy will review your application, fingerprint results, and supporting documents.
  • Processing times may vary, so allow ample time for your application to be reviewed.
  • You will be notified by mail once your registration is approved.

    By following these steps and ensuring all required information and documentation are submitted accurately, you can successfully obtain your Wyoming pharmacy technician registration and embark on your rewarding career in the healthcare field.

    Step 4: Renew Your Wyoming Pharmacy Technician License

    Maintaining your registration as a pharmacy technician in Wyoming is essential to continue practicing in the state. Here’s what you need to know about the renewal process:

    Renewal Timeframe

    All Wyoming pharmacy technician registrations expire annually on December 31st. There is no grace period for renewal, so it’s crucial to renew before the deadline to avoid any lapse in your authorization to practice.

    Renewal Process

    1. Online Renewal: The online renewal application typically opens 60 days before the registration expiration date. Log into your online account on the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy website and complete the renewal application.
    2. Renewal Fee: The annual renewal fee is $50.
    3. Continuing Education (CE) Requirements: All registered pharmacy technicians, except for those in their first renewal cycle, must complete and report 10 hours of approved continuing education (CE) obtained during the previous license period.
      • If you administer immunizations, at least 1 hour of the 10 hours must be related to immunizations.
      • All CE must be approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).
      • CE hours cannot be carried forward to subsequent years.
      • If you are not actively practicing as a pharmacy technician, you may request inactive license status to be exempt from the CE requirements.
    4. Late Renewals: If you miss the December 31st deadline, you can still renew your registration, but there is a $35 late fee.

    Reinstatement Process

    If your registration has lapsed, you’ll need to petition the Board for reinstatement. This involves submitting a reinstatement letter, paying all outstanding fees for the years your license was expired (up to a maximum of five years), providing proof of current certification by the PTCB or ExCPT, and submitting proof of continuing pharmacy education for the years your license was expired (up to a maximum of five years).

    Additional Tips for Success as a Pharmacy Technician in Wyoming

    Obtaining your pharmacy technician registration and achieving national certification (for Pharmacy Technicians) are crucial steps, but your journey in Wyoming doesn’t end there. To truly thrive in this field and maximize your potential, consider these additional tips:

    Network with Pharmacy Professionals

    • Connect with other pharmacy technicians and pharmacists in your area. Attend local pharmacy association meetings and events to build relationships and learn from experienced professionals.
    • Consider joining the Wyoming Pharmacy Association (WPhA) to gain access to resources, continuing education opportunities, and networking events.
    • Attend national conferences to broaden your network and stay informed about industry trends.

    Embrace Continuing Education (CE)

    • While CE is mandatory for license renewal in Wyoming (except for the first renewal), actively pursuing continuing education opportunities can significantly enhance your knowledge and skills, keeping you up-to-date with the latest advancements in pharmacy practice.
    • Look for CE courses offered by professional organizations, educational institutions, or online platforms. Choose topics that align with your interests and career goals, such as medication safety, compounding, or specialized pharmacy practice areas.

    Pursue Advancement Opportunities

    • As you gain experience and expertise, consider pursuing career advancement opportunities within your pharmacy. This could involve taking on additional responsibilities, such as training new technicians, assisting with inventory management, or specializing in a specific area like immunization administration (with additional certification).
    • If you are a certified pharmacy technician, explore the possibility of becoming a certified immunizer. This can make you a more valuable asset to your employer and open up new career paths.

    Develop Strong Communication Skills

    • Effective communication is essential for interacting with patients, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers.
    • Practice active listening, empathy, and clear communication to build rapport with patients and colleagues.
    • Ensure that patients understand their medications, dosage instructions, and potential side effects by explaining complex information in simple terms.

    Maintain Professionalism

    • Uphold high ethical standards and maintain a professional demeanor in all your interactions.
    • Dress appropriately, arrive on time, and be respectful to colleagues and patients.
    • Continuously strive to improve your knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care to patients.
    • Adhere to all state regulations and pharmacy protocols to ensure patient safety and maintain compliance.

      By following these tips and consistently demonstrating your dedication to professional growth and patient care, you can build a successful and rewarding career as a pharmacy technician in Wyoming.


      Becoming a licensed pharmacy technician in Wyoming is an exciting and rewarding career path within the healthcare field. The state offers diverse work environments, from bustling retail pharmacies to essential hospital settings, catering to various interests and career goals. Whether you’re drawn to patient interaction, medication preparation, or technical expertise, a pharmacy technician career in the Cowboy State has something to offer you.

      This guide has provided a comprehensive overview of obtaining your pharmacy technician license in Wyoming. By understanding the different registration types, fulfilling the specific requirements, and following the application procedures, you’re well on your way to embarking on this fulfilling journey.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      How long does it take to become a registered pharmacy technician in Wyoming?

      The processing time for a pharmacy technician registration in Wyoming can vary depending on the completeness of your application and the time it takes to process your background check. However, you can typically expect to receive your registration within a few weeks of submitting a complete application.

      What is the average salary for pharmacy technicians in Wyoming?

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for pharmacy technicians in Wyoming was $43,380 as of May 2023. However, salaries can vary based on experience, certification, location, and work setting.

      Is national certification required to work as a pharmacy technician in Wyoming?

      Yes, to be a fully licensed Pharmacy Technician in Wyoming, you must obtain and maintain national certification from either the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) or the National Healthcareer Association (ExCPT). However, you can work as a Pharmacy Technician-in-Training while you complete your certification requirements.

      Does Wyoming require continuing education for pharmacy technician registration renewal?

      Yes, all registered pharmacy technicians (except those in their first renewal cycle) must complete 10 hours of Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)-approved continuing education (CE) annually. If you administer immunizations, at least 1 of the 10 hours must be related to immunizations.

      How do I renew my pharmacy technician registration in Wyoming?

      You can renew your registration online through the Wyoming Board of Pharmacy website. The renewal period opens 60 days before your registration expires on December 31st. The renewal fee is $50, and a $35 late fee applies if you renew after the deadline.

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